Why it works

Embedding knowledge

The Axonify Microlearning Platform uses brain science and memory friendly learning to embed knowledge deeply.

By using key discoveries about how the human memory works, Axonify is proven to help people remember what they learn and form a habit that will keep them coming back for more.

Brain science

Retrieval practice

Challenges the brain to actively engage with questions to build deeper memory.

Confidence-based assessment

Distinguishes between what employees think they know versus what they actually know, to achieve mastery.

Spacing effect

Uses artificial intelligence to keep what has been learned fresh through spaced repetition according to the needs of the learner.

Adaptive microlearning

As much as 90% of knowledge is typically lost after 30 days following a traditional learning event

For maximum impact, learning needs to be:


Voluntary participation rates soar when learning is a gamified.

The right game mechanics motivate employees to learn and ignite friendly competition so they keep coming back. Playing games engages the employee’s brain so it is in a state of flow, ready for knowledge transfer.

Axonify’s gamification features:

  • Rewards
  • Virtual and real world prizes
  • Challenges
  • Points and achievements
  • Leaderboards
  • Daily games

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