Powering performance

Integrating microlearning into your business

Fill your microlearning platform with user-centred learning experiences that focus on the key behaviour changes or performance improvements you want to see from your employees.

Sponge help you to identify where the Axonify Microlearning Platform will add the most value to your business, and tailor the solution to meet your unique needs.

Our award-winning team of digital learning specialists support you every step of the way, so microlearning fits seamlessly into your organisation and generates your desired outcomes.


Assess where microlearning fits in your learning strategy

Content creation

Outcomes-focused content by award-winning designers


Integration into your existing learning ecosystem

Continued success

Engaging your employees with support and campaigns

Sponge: Learning Technologies Designer of the Year 2016-17

Sponge: Learning Technologies Developer of the Year 2017-18

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