Maximum flexibility and a beautiful user interface

Microsites offer your organisation a blank page to deliver learning in new and exciting ways.  They also offer a fresh way to deliver learning that’s highly flexible, intuitive, visually appealing and endlessly customisable. When you’re trying to connect with a specific audience or create a bespoke journey, a microsite gives you maximum flexibility.

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Freedom beyond your LMS

A microsite is a dedicated website, that provides a learning ecosystem outside of your LMS but can also integrate with it. Microsites give you freedom. You can host content in a user-friendly way, signpost to other learning and systems and offer information at the point of need without the need to sign in. It’s an accessible tool offering a seamless experience.


Re-engage your learners

Have your learners become numb to endless clicks? Tired of off-putting archaic systems? Jaded with learning that looks staid and unimaginative? A microsite that’s intuitive, dynamic and delivering a quality web experience that can be enjoyed on any device, is the answer.


A different way to deliver learning from onboarding to product knowledge

Imagine providing new colleagues with a pre-boarding microsite so they can get to know your brand and culture before they join. Or your sales force with a product microsite that is continually updated as products evolve and change.


We add value beyond the solution

There are use cases where microsites are particularly effective. Whether your challenge is education, onboarding or brand awareness, we’re experienced in creating microsites that meet these specific needs.

Why Sponge?

Web design is how Sponge first started and we’ve never forgotten the core principles of creating fantastic online experiences.

And vitally, we also understand learning. Our learning experience directors and learning designers have the experience interpret your content and create a microsite aligned to your learning objectives and business goals.

An expert team  

Our award-winning internal capabilities rival those of even the largest web design agency, with visual designers, specialist web developers, animators, videographers and illustrators on the team.

The technical stuff

All of our microsites are technically robust, for user experience and ease of deployment. They’re built using HTML5, are mobile-friendly, fully responsive and SCORM-compliant. We even make sure they integrate well with emerging technologies to ensure their longevity.

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