Impact measurement

Fit learning directly to business outcomes

Data is at the heart of our results-focused solutions for global organisations.

Comprehensive analytics offer you immediate and on-demand sight of learning activity and development that is easy to interpret and report.

Axonify gives organisations the insights they need to confidently make decisions and continuously improve employees’ knowledge to build overall business performance.

Using Axonify Microlearning Platform, it’s easier to align learning with key business objectives and prove value.

Axonify allows you to:

Access reports that clearly detail learning growth and behaviour change

View analytics to identify where knowledge and behaviour gaps exist

Assess, predict, adjust and optimise learning to meet goals

Businesses around the world are using Axonify to:

  • Achieve their performance goals
  • Compare and rank performance across teams and locations
  • Monitor learning participation and knowledge growth
  • Measure compliance and certification
  • Work with partners like Sponge to measure ROIs to see how learning impacts their organisation

Sectors and industries using Axonify:


Workplace safety


Call centres

Finance and insurance

Logistics and transportation

Proven value

Axonify allows managers to measure the increase in product knowledge across a sales team. Having data on effectiveness of training allows L&D to optimise their learning strategy.


increase in product knowledge and confidence

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